Buy AutoCAD LT 2015 for PC

Buy AutoCAD LT 2015 

Are you not tired of pirated copys, where there are malfunctions and limitations of many real features of the original, while the original copy of autocad 2015 is now at your finger tip and at affordable price.
AutoCad 2015 is the latest version of autocad software is now available on amazon and with free shipping to anywhere in the world..
I must confess, it was just last week that i stop doubting the power of online shopping, as i received my autocad package from Amazon without stress..
Is my pleasure to share with my engineers my joy in using this package.
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He are just the product information

Manufacturer: Autodesk

Manufacturer reference: 057G1-G25117-1001

Product Dimensions: 7.5 inches x 5.4 inches x 0.6 inches; 1.6 ounces

Shipping Weight: 2.4 ounces

ASIN: B00JN33K1Q Sales Rank: 792

Technical Details

Productivity: Enhanced 2D drafting tools and features minimize repetitive tasks and help users work more quickly and efficiently
Reliability: AutoCAD LT is based on AutoCAD software technology, a design platform trusted by millions of professionals for over 30 years
Compatibility: TrustedDWG technology helps ensure that files are compatible with other Autodesk software
New & enhanced tools: AutoCAD LT 2015 speeds design with New Tab page, Ribbon galleries, a new Help Screen, and a new interface
Beyond the desktop: Users can connect their workflows across integrated desktop, cloud, and mobile AutoCAD solutions
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10 Questions to Ask Before Students Loan Consolidation

10 Questions to Ask Before Students Loan Consolidation

Refinancing student loan or students loan consolidation may refer to the replacement of an existing debt obligation (student loan) with another debt obligation (student loan) under different terms.
Refinancing your student loans is a good strategy to manage your student loan repayment situation and improve your financial health.

Although student loan refinancing can be confusing if you didn't take the right decision and it may lead to financial problems.

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10 Questions to Ask Before Students Loan Consolidation

These are questions you need to ask before under-going any students loan consolidation!

1.) What is the term of the refinanced student loan? 

Term means the expected amount of years in which you are expected to repay your loan. Banks offer 5, 10, 15, and 20 year repayment terms. What to keep in mind is how much you can afford to pay now, and how much interest you will accrue over the lifetime of repayment.

2.) Does the new student loan have a variable or fixed interest rate?

 Any student loan is either variable or fixed interest rates. Student can convert a variable interest rate to a fixed interest rate loan or vice versa by refinancing it. Fixed interest rates are less risky, and variable interest rate loans fluctuate.

3.) What are the repayment terms?

 What will my monthly payments be? When does the repayment start? How do I pay? What fees can occur if I miss a payment or default on my student loans?

4.) Is there an origination fee?

 The origination fee is usually added to the loan amount due. Up to 2% of the total amount you are requesting to be refinanced are being charge by some bank as origination fee. For instance, if you refinance $80,000 in student loans, you will pay a $800 for a 1% origination fee.

5.) Will they combine federal and private student loans?

Some financial institutions are refinancing federal and private loans bundled together. It help you to get a lower interest rate to save money, care must be taken not to lose most alternative and flexible repayment plans associated with the federal government loan program

6.) Do I need a cosigner?
Do you offer cosigner release?

 With very low income or credit score, the bank might require a cosigner to insure your student loans in the case of default. Some bank offer cosigner release, which releases any existing cosigners from your student loans.

7.) What are the typical credit score, salary, and debt-to-income requirements?

 Be sure to ask the credit score requirements of a bank before submitting your application.

8.) What are the maximum amounts of debt they will refinance?

 Banks have a maximum amount of debt they will refinance which varies by bank and student education level, such as undergraduate, graduate, etc

9.) Do they refinance student loans from my school or my degree program?

 Ask to know which schools are eligible for the refinancing product. Since some banks don't lend to student loan borrowers who have attended for-profit private institutions, community colleges, or certificate programs.

10.) What type of support and customers service does the bank provide?

 This is the most important question you may ask your banking partners. As some banks provide terrible customer service. Consolidating your student loans means that you will be working with this bank for the next 5-20 years. Absolute care must be taken before refinancing your student loans.

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student loan consolidation.

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Download Bentley PowerSurvey V8i for free

Bentley PowerSurvey is a comprehensive survey data management solution. Powersurvey provides surveying professionals with complete set of survey-specific tools for both GEOPAK and InRoads.

This software directly processes the data from your field survey device and automatically displays the resulting graphics onscreen. Data can be manipulated using PowerSurvey's editing, reduction, and adjustment tools.

Features of Bentley PowerSurvey V8i

Data Collector Support Power Survey communicates with all industry-leading data collectors. Connect your data collector directly to a personal computer, laptop, or tablet PC and use PowerSurvey to manage the survey data.
PowerSurvey can also upload GEOPAK or InRoads data to the data collector for field stakeout procedures.
Download Bentley PowerSurvey V8i Customizable Feature-Driven Processing PowerSurvey supports extensive feature databases that detail the representation of each survey shot or feature including DTM control, symbolization, labeling, and more.
The feature of bentley powersurvey database is completely user-definable and ensures standardization from the field surveyor to designer.
As data is process, the software draws points and features in accordance with the feature table specified.
These powerful capability, helps to generate drawings onsite immediately after the survey has been collected for in-field verification.

Download Bentley PowerSurvey V8i for free @

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Download MS Project Full Project Management Software for MS Office

Download MS Project Full Project Management Software for MS Office

Project Management in general or construction management is an important part of any civil engineering projects that consist of labor, activities that has specific duration and some resources like machinery or time.
You may ask???

What is a Project?

A project may be defined as a set of connected activities that have duration and a single goal that has to be completed in time and according to specification.

What is Project Management?

Typical Project Management includes following;
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Resource leveling
  • Risk assessment
  • Resource management
  • Project network of activities
  • Critical path method (CPM)

Project Management and MS Project

So for our ease different companies have made Project Management tools like Primavera by Oracle and MS Project by Microsoft. They have a very easy to use interface where you can solve the network diagrams on a single click and generate important reports like gantt chart etc.
Also you can perform typical project management activities like Scheduling and Crashing of activities etc.

In this post I am sharing with you very basic and easy to use software for project management i.e. Microsoft Project 2007 or MS Project 2007.
it is a MS Office by part that comes with variety of diversity and functionality.


MS Project and Civil Engineering

Both Primavera and MS Project are use in field of engineering, but most companies prefers Primavera which is a bit professional than MS office.
its handy to learn MS Project for your basic knowledge before primavera.

MS project or MS Office Project is an Office compatible Project Management tool that helps users to set realistic goals for project teams and customers by creating schedules, managing budgets, distributing and assigning project resources.
Ms project helps you in generating reports and charts. It comes with customizable wizard that walks users through the process of Project creation, from assigning their task and resources to reporting the final results.
Typical Gantt Chart in MS Project 2007

About the download (MS Project 2007)

This download includes 485 MB *.Zip file that has the main setup file
along with the Serial Numbers and Keygen that is required.
The version of the software is 2007 so you might need MS Office 2007 installed.

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To download MS Project 2007 full click the following button.

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