Pipelines for Water conveyence and Drainage system [free download]


Pipelines for Water conveyence and Drainage system manual is to provide design engineers, utility managers, educators, and planners with a concise listing and description  of the most commonly used types of water conveyance and drainage pipe that are commercially available in the United States. 

Also provided are listings of the most commonly used standards for manufacturing the pipe, useful publications pertaining to the design and installation of pipe, and industry groups that promote and distribute research data on their type of pipe.


  • The following types of pipe are discussed in this manual:
  • Concrete pipe, Welded steel pipe,
  • Ductile iron pipe,
  • Solid wall molecularly oriented polyvinyl chloride (PVCO) pipe,
  • High density polyethylene (HDPE) pressure pipe,
  • Polyethylene profi le wall pipe, PVC profile wall pipe,
  • Polypropylene profi le wall pipe,
  • Corrugated polyethylene pipe,
  • Vitrifi ed clay pipe,
  • Solid wall polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe,
  • Clay drain tile,
  •  Fiberglass pipe,
  • Corrugated steel pipe, and
  • Corrugated aluminum pipe.

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